A Superb Transformation

Linn Ranch
Teton County, Wyoming

A swath of riparian land on the West Bank of the Snake River, carefully restored and revived from gravel pits into a wildlife-rich oasis.

A case of inspired transformation, the Linn Ranch property was once a sand and gravel quarry and timber mill factory foundation. Cluttered with the rusted exoskeletons of trucks and machinery, the multiple excavation pits suffered extreme erosion and had minimal vegetation cover — it was a far cry from the mountain contemporary oasis that it is today.

In consultation with environmental experts, we revitalized the property through careful restoration of waterways, ponds, and native vegetation. The excavation pits were recontoured into natural ponds woven together with interconnected streams and revitalized as wetlands. Islands in the ponds were established to create wildlife habitat for trumpeter swans and other native waterfowl.

Careful placement of the property’s structures maximizes the experience of peaceful escape and celebrates the breathtaking mountain views to the north. The adjacent meadow — now free from the rusted machinery and detritus — is available as an event space.  

The sweeping transformation of this stunning corner of Jackson Hole earned HDLA a design competition victory.