Sophisticated Natural Immersion

Lefty Ranch
Jackson Hole

A revitalized historic cattle ranch now showcases the elegance of conservation-oriented creativity, and naturally-inspired simplicity.

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Vast, bold, and humbling, the Wyoming landscape offers a stage for the dramatic forces of nature to unfold. Free-roaming wildlife is abundant as are plant communities that are limited in variety but large en masse. It’s a place where residents invite nature into their lives.

A historic cattle ranch that still hosts an original log cabin, several barns, and a pond once utilized by livestock, Lefty Ranch was transformed into a conservation-oriented residential development. The owners sought a contemporary home that prioritized native landscape restoration, habitat preservation, and maximized views. Emphasis was placed on creating a seamless interior-exterior relationship that drew the landscape into the building and invited the owners out. 

At the foot of the rugged Teton Range, this project sought to blur the lines between refined architectural luxury and the inimitable beauty of the untamed surroundings.

Our professional and experienced team acknowledged the surrounding beauty with a master plan that responded to context.

A light touch was warranted to minimize disturbance, protect habitat, and emphasize experience. Reclaiming riparian habitat, restoring cattle-degraded fields, and adapting existing elements amplified the property’s accessibility to an array of wildlife, including moose, elk, deer, bear, waterfowl, and native cutthroat trout.