Contemporary Forest Haven

Creekside Residence

Glass hallways offer a unique sense of permeability between sophisticated indoor spaces and inspired exterior spaces populated with diverse native vegetation.

This exquisite home, surrounded by a mature conifer forest, is adjacent to the Snake River. Boasting a network of irrigation ditches and streams, the ecosystem is naturally lush and verdant. 

Along the lengthy entry drive through the forest, our team naturalized and rehabilitated the ditch system to reflect the braided freeflowing springs and streams that once characterized the property. 

The structure — composed of three buildings connected by distinctive glass hallways — invite near constant interplay between interior and exterior spaces.

One hallway spans an indoor bridge, gracefully passing above a rushing creek flanked with native wetland plant species and mindfully-placed stepping stones.

Meadow grasses and native vegetation surround select turf grass areas for activities and outdoor events.