Unity in a Mountain Oasis

Family Retreat

A thoughtfully-organized family compound includes multiple buildings situated around an inviting shared lawn and pond — and also hides a secret riverside gathering spot.

An expansive family compound composed of three lots and four buildings, this property was once plagued by large swaths of degraded open soil and poor vegetation cover. Our team not only revitalized and rehabilitated these areas, but created intuitive and welcoming outdoor spaces and trails to connect them to the structures. 

With an eye to the varying needs of an all-ages group, the outdoor spaces were thoughtfully designed for both active, playful use as well as passive, relaxing experiences. 

The heart of the property — a spacious central green and pond — is framed by several buildings and offers a sense of privacy from the outer world. 

Shaded by a canopy of mature aspens and adjacent to the natural riparian ecosystem along the Snake River, the property has an ambiance of immersion in the wild landscape. A unique hidden gathering space on the riverbank, accessed by a winding trail through the untamed forest, makes the perfect spot for informal barbecues or sunset cocktails.