Harmonious Seclusion

Lake Creek Residence
Jackson Hole

In a reflection of the home’s distinctive architecture, the intuitive and experience-focused design of the surrounding landscape amplifies the property’s unique character.

Tucked into a mature aspen grove along the edge of free-flowing Lake Creek, this home was designed by Morterer Architects of Vail, CO. Historically, the property was utilized as a pasture for grazing cattle, and sustained some damage due to that use. Our team facilitated the reclamation of the field, rejuvenating the aspen stand and the riparian zones along the creek. 

To extend the unique character of the home outward into the landscaping, our team utilized a wide variety of materials in the outdoor elements including wood, concrete, and stone.

Ultimately, the features not only balance and complement the distinctive architecture, but also invite immersive exploratory experiences beyond the structure’s walls. A private, harmonious retreat, this property features intuitive design elements, as well as subtly unexpected surprises.