Harmony of Bold Design

Aman Residence
Jackson Hole

Embracing the contrast and balance between geometric beauty and the untamed landscape, the Aman Residence showcases sophisticated simplicity.

  • 2016 ASLA Colorado Residential Design Merit Award

    "The distant landscape of flowing landforms, remnant river and stream courses, and controlled irrigation structures are abstracted in an enclosed garden."

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Positioned in a breathtaking location atop a hill in the northern Rocky Mountains, the Aman Residence is an elegant study in balance and contrast. Simplicity in lines and geometric design elements complement the rugged, mountain horizon backdrop around the home.

Drawing inspiration from surrounding native vegetation, our team worked to seamlessly immerse the Aman Residence into its elevated ridgeline locale.

The site’s challenges included significant slopes on three sides, and constant exposure to extreme and dynamic seasonal weather conditions, leading our team to embrace a palette of resilient native species including the iconic sagebrush, a variety of woody shrubs, and endemic grasses.

Our team also incorporated the clients’ desire for an outdoor family play area and welcoming exterior spaces with an intuitive, welcoming flow among paths, the outside world, and the home’s refined interiors.

Like much of the Jackson Hole area, the property features some distinctive geological elements. In an artful reflection of the ridgeline’s stone outcroppings, as well as the custom exterior stone cladding of the home, our team incorporated large boulders throughout the space.

The mindful use of existing stone and native vegetation created a final product that not only meets the exacting standards of the surrounding neighborhood, but also preserves the mountaintop’s sweeping views and inimitable experience.