Western Philosophy of Resourceful Stewardship

Granite Ranch
Jackson Hole

Relocated and restored buildings, revitalized wetlands, and thoughtful consideration of weather patterns inspired a ranch experience rooted in environmentally-conscious values.

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Guided by the clients’ Western-inspired philosophy of functionality, resourcefulness, and sterling stewardship of the surrounding environment, our team was proud to be the lead consultant on the Granite Ranch project. The site, located on the southern edge of Grand Teton National Park, was once a patchwork of degraded ditches, wetlands, and other important ecosystem elements.

Our work not only revived the natural beauty of the ranch but also added a simple and sophisticated landscape around the ranch’s thoughtfully arranged cluster of reused and relocated historic buildings.

The small, rough log and timber buildings were revitalized and reused as a guest lodge, recreation hall, dining hall, horse barn, saddle shed, and guest cabins. Shared spaces flow effortlessly into one another, and connect to an intricate network of paths and trails throughout the ranch and into the adjacent National Park.

Mindful selection of native vegetation, in concert with the carefully planned flow of the ranch, resulted in a space that is consistent with traditional Western style and experience.

Restored watercourses — now with connections to one another — support a lush array of native plants that do not require supplemental irrigation. Placement of silverberry, buffaloberry, snowberry, huckleberry, mountain alder, and native willow species create a compelling visual immersion in the greater landscape, while also offering privacy and protection from wind.

Understated, welcoming, and focused on an environmentally responsive philosophy, the Granite Ranch is distinctive and an example of innovative, caring stewardship.