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The Greenspace at The Block
Jackson, Wyoming
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Preserved as the result of a large scale, community-wide effort, the Greenspace on the Block is an undeveloped oasis in an ever-densifying town center.

Located in the heart of a rapidly growing Jackson, this pocket of green deserved a thoughtful approach. Our team aimed to create a welcoming space for visitors and locals alike while also shining a spotlight on the location’s important history.

Situated adjacent to a number of historic buildings that were also saved in the grassroots Save the Block campaign, the Greenspace on the Block helps to preserve the past character of the space by integrating nature into the center of a bustling commercial zone. Through the daylighting of Cache Creek, the park embraces a waterway that had been piped and previously relegated to utilitarian use.

Using the location of the site as an opportunity, our team sought to design a space that encouraged people to connect – with the landscape, with the town, and with each other.

A large, central lawn creates space for small gatherings or community-wide events. The historic buildings surrounding the Greenspace house restaurants that help to activate the space, and the design was meant to maximize compatibility with the new Historical Society Museum being built next door. Graceful, flowing pathways through the site mimic the nature of the creek and provide a variety of ways to pass through the space. Cache Creek now invites visitors to play in, walk across, or visually appreciate its waters. Many mature trees were preserved and protected, and native shrub plantings were added to provide a sense of refuge from the busy streets beyond.

Through thoughtful design centered on both community and ecology, the Greenspace on the Block will serve as an in-town sanctuary for generations to come.